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Tenchi Muyo Get's Married Chapter 5 Part 3

Tenchi and Ryoko walked up to the shrine as they talked about there future plans and such. As they got to the top, they stood shocked as everyone was running about not even noticing the two had arived until sasami spoke up and greeted them. "Uh....Sasami....Shouldn't things be, you know, ready by now?" Ryoko asked setting the bags of clothes on the ground. "Uh, well, he he he, it seem's that the weddings gonna have to be held off for a bit. We haven't even finished the decorations yet, and we don't even have any invitations for the guests, so there really isn't a way to hold it today. We talked it over and we decided that it would be best to hold it off for at least three days so we could finish everything up and get everyone here in time." She said sweeping away. "Heh, told ya' so tenchi! I knew something like this couldn't be done so quickly." Ryoko said with a grin. Well, since the wedding has been put off, why don't we go and get something to eat down at the house?" Ryoko said grabbing tenchis arm and pulling him away. "Now just a minuet Ryoko!! The least you could do is help us prepare the place for YOU'RE wedding!!" Aeka said stomping up to her. "Uh, key word princess, MY wedding, meaning I don't have to help prepare anything for it but Tenchi and Myself. You girls can handle it! This is our time little girl, so just go back to work and leave us alone..." Ryoko replied grinning and forming a spear in her hand toward Aeka. "Grrr, you're dispicable! Honestly, how tenchi chose you i'll never...." She paused off before she could say anything more. "Forgive me tenchi, I apologise..." She said walking away. "Wow! Never seen her shut up so quickly like that before! Getting married really does give you power!" Ryoko said hugging tenchis arm. "Yeah yeah....Come on Ryoko, let's go..." Tenchi said looking away. "I'm sorry tenchi. I know that's something I need to work on, but don't forget that miss princess and I have been rivals since childhood, getting over fighting with her is going to take some time!" She said letting him go. They walked back to the house just as Washu was comming out. "Oh Washu, whats up?"Tenchi asked as they walked up to her. "Huh? Oh, uh....Well....Nothing, I guess..." SHe replied looking the other direction. Tenchi saw that her neck looked unusually red. "Uh, washu, what happened to you're neck? It's completely flushed red..." Tenchi said walking over to the pond. He pulled out a cloth, soaked it in the water, and gave it to her. "Thanks Tenchi. It's nothing, just a little incident with an experiment." She said putting the wrag around her neck. "So, how's everyone doing up at the shrine?" SHe asked sitting on the porch. Well, they said the weddings going to be held off for three days so they could get everything finished. They also did it so you could get the invitations sent and have everyone get here in time."Tenchi replied as he sat beside her. "Not.....Good....."Washu whispered to herself. "What was that mother?" Ryoko said hovering in front of them. "Oh nothing dear! Nothing at all!" SHe said waving her hands and smiling. "Well then, if nothing's wrong, GO FINISH THOSE INVITATIONS AND GET OUR GUESTS!!!" Ryoko yelled tossing an exploding beam at her. "Gaahhh! Alright alright! I'm on it!" SHe replied running back into the lab. "RYOKO!! What was that for!?" Tenchi said with a scowl. "Nothing! I just want to make sure she get's her job done. ANd haven't I said it before that I hate it when she call's me dear?" She replied sitting beside him. "Well yeah, but that's no reason to try and blast her to kingdom come." He said walking into the house. "Stay there ryoko, i'll get us some food." And tenchi walked into the kitchen. The rest of the day the gang spent it cleaning, cooking, decorating, and resting occasionally.

.........................................The next day.....................................................

ALRIGHT!!! I am finally finished with the invites!! Now to just list the recipatents and everything will be complete!! Now let me see..." She said typing the names.

Nobuyuki Masaki   Azusa   Funaho   Misaki   Rea Masaki   Tennyo Masaki   Airi Masaki   Noike Jurai   Seto jurai   Seina Yumada   Kiriko Masaki   Amane Kaunaq   Ryoko Balouta   Neiju Melmas   Mikami Kuramitsu   Mitoto Kuramitsu   Mr & Mrs Kaunaq   Minami Kuramitsu........

"Hmmmm....I suppose thats everyone.....Oh yes, and I forgot one more person....I believe this should make the wedding go a little more interestingly...Heh heh heh, watch out dear Ryoko! Ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!" She laughed as she typed......


"Now then, to just press send and watch the people arive!" She said pressing send and leaving her chair. "Now that i've finished that, I think i'll pay everyone else a visit and see how things are comming along." She said with a yawn. As soon as she walked out the lab door she was greeted with the gang shouting SURPRISE! and laughing away. All around her were the finished decorations, all the food to fill an entire armada, and everything was sparkling clean. "WOW! You girls sure can get alot done when nobody is watching you huh?!" Washu said with a laugh looking and walking around. "Well, the house and it's surrounding look great, now how about the actual wedding scene up at the shrine...How does it look there?" She asked turning and gleering at everyone. "Go see for yourself Washu!" Sasami said smiling. Everyone else nodded and pushed her up towards the site. Kiyone, sasami, and aeka were all pushing her up the stairs. "Hold it now! I can walk just fine!" She shouted pushing them off of her. She wlaked up the stairs and stood motionless when she reached the top. Looking around she saw all the flowers, the carpet, the candles, everything was beautifully aranged. "Hey mom! Look over here ya' old toad!" Ryoko yelled waving. Washu turned and saw her and Tenchi in their wedding clothes. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! MY BABY!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!"She yelled at the top of her lungs as she squeezed the life out of Ryoko. "Gasp.....Wheeze......Wahsu, I...I can't breathe!...Let go!!" She said trying to push washu off. Finally she let go and stepped back as Ryoko gasped for air. "What are you trying to do you crazy bat, kill me before we even have a chance to have the wedding!?" She yelled grabbing washu and shaking her in the air. I'm sorry ryoko, you are just so adorable and beautiful, I couldn't help myself!" She said crying as Ryoko shook her and dropped her. "Yeah yeah, thanks....Just don't do that again!" She said wlaking back beside tenchi. "So, now we all lyterally know what you think of my look, what do you think of tenchi?" SHe asked pointing to him. Washu eyed him up and down, walked all around him examining every inch of the suit, walked back in front of them, and said..."Eh, not bad. Not bad at all! Excellent choices you two!" She snapped her fingers and a camera appeared out of nowhere. She backed up a bit, took a photo, and tossed it back to wherever it came from as it dissapeared right after she threw it. Well, everything's ready here! Now all we need are the guests to show up and everything will be complete. I suggest you all go to bed early tonight as I sent emails telling everyone to be here by eleven in the morning, you hear?" She asked looking at everyone. They all nodded, gathered there things, and wlaked to the house. After looking around one last time, washu too followed behind them.
Well, here is part three of chapter five!! In it, everyone is trying as hard as they can to finish the decorations as washu sends out the invites. Who is going to show for the wedding? Read now to find out! A surprise appearence by a certain foe of Ryoko's will be comming along too for the event! But more info on that will come in the final part of chapter five next week!!

By the way, for those of you who do not know some of the characters comming to the wedding, here is a site with a description and picture of each character.

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